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About ACE Charitable Legal Services

ACE Charitable Legal Services, Inc., is a Florida non-profit, tax-exempt organization.  It is an offshoot of ACE-JEDI, PLLC, a Florida Professional Limited Liability Company composed of some of the best trial and appellate attorneys throughout the state dedicated to preserving the integrity of the judicial system and providing legal services to the poor and middle-class segments of our society. ACE Charitable assists low to moderate income individuals by providing funds to cover the costs for litigation such as court costs, filing fees, sheriff process servicing fees, court reporter fees, etc. The organization also obtains and dispenses information by publications and seminars to low to moderate income individuals and to other legal aid organizations. 

Board of Directors
Randall O. Reder P.A.
Elizabeth L. Laburda

JR Mahan Bronze
Johnny Spears Bronze
Maurice White Bronze
Thomas Moore Bronze
Jim Lokowski Bronze
Randall O. Reder P. A. Bronze
James Hauser Bronze
Timothy Griffin Bronze
Herbie Arroyo Bronze
Ron Hardy Bronze
Al Buttery Bronze
Jim Pegg Bronze
Randy Ackley Bronze
Christie Arkovitch Bronze
Michael Belle Bronze
Lynn Drysdale Bronze
Bryant Dunivan Bronze
Barry Elkin Bronze
Ralph Fisher Bronze
George Gingo Bronze
Margery Golant Bronze
Rebecca Goodall Bronze
Betsy Hapner Bronze
James Hauser Bronze
Kevin Hoyes Bronze
Peter Huy Bronze
Jordan Isringhaus Bronze
Jim Loncarski Bronze
Andrew Lyons Bronze
Jacqulyn Mack-Majika Bronze
Gregory Mausser Bronze
Daniel McKillop Bronze
Roger Mills Bronze
James Orth Bronze
Timothy Owens Bronze
Purvi Patel Bronze
Daniel Rock Bronze
Michael Rodriguez Bronze
Lee Segal Bronze
Robin Stover Bronze
Ryan Torrens Bronze
Barry Wilkinson Bronze
Michael Ziegler Bronze
John and Barbara Beddingfield Gold
Zach's Olde Tyme Pub Gold

Volunteer Attorneys
Patricia Bradford
Kimberly Sebastiani

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